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Size Guide

Our size chart is available in each listing where applicable. Please check your Overbust, Waist and Hip (low hip = widest part of bottom) and choose the closet size to you.

If you are in between sizes, please contact us and we can discuss adjusting standard sizing or go for full Made to measure option.

Latex Care

You need latex lubricant to wear latex garments. It enables you to slip into it and you can also use it to polish the surface. Pjur cult dressing aid is a good product and it is available in our shop under 'Care Products' category.

Light coloured latex is extremely sensitive to make up/paint or metal. Both could stain latex for good and especially any contact with metal could stain latex for good very quickly so be careful of the body jewellery (if you have one, remove AND cover it with plasters), handbag parts, metal chairs etc. To wear the latex garments, you will need plenty of talcum powder or latex safe lubricant (if it says safe to use with condom then it’s safe) or special dressing aid lubricant. Do not try to get into the garment without it otherwise you could tear the garment. Also be careful of your sharp nails and other sharp object that could pierce through the latex. To polish latex you can use the latex safe lubricant (or silicone latex polish liquid, or latex safe silicone spray. (if you have a bottle of latex lubricant, you can use it for both wearing and polishing) Do not put any oil on latex as it will damage  latex. Do not dry clean or iron. Once worn, wash the garment in the warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly and drip dry. Put the garment in the plastic bag and store away from sunlight as it will also damage latex.

Custom Orders

Whether you have a full custom design idea or want to customise our existing items, please contact us (info@kaorislatexdreams.com) to discuss further.